Sunday, December 16, 2012

Red Robin Shout Out

I had a great meal at Red Robin in Gurnee Illinois yesterday.  They provided me with gluten free fries made in a dedicated fryer, my turkey burger came out in a special yellow basket, and it even had a gluten free bun!  I was so excited, if you ask its unlimited fries too, had to enjoy it, I rarely eat fries.

Make sure to give them a try, it is a bit of  noisy atmosphere, so great place for kids, and I did see other yellow baskets, so very popular.

Here is a link to the menu, every location may be different.

Red Robin Menu

Friday, December 14, 2012

Riega Foods Review

Thanks to the kind people at Riega Foods I was able to sample some of their great food.

From their website

A passion for food and a dedication to our customer's satisfaction.  That is Riega Foods.  Our products focus on dietary health with a special emphasis on gastro-intestinal health as manifested with gluten intolerance, diabetes and a fiber deficient diet.

They have a variety of cheese packs so you can make your own mac and cheese, yeah!  We like the white cheddar and the flavor was good, I really enjoyed it, these are great to take along for trips too.  I added some broccoli and had a meal.

There are four different flavors to try, I prefer the cheddar.

They also make three different crispbreads which are dairy, GMO, and gluten free.  They suggest trying them with your favorite meat or cheeses.

I liked the chestnut flavor the best, and tried it with almond butter, a great midday snack.

They also carry buckwheat and quiona, these are 100 percent natural

I did see the cheese packets at my local grocery store

Here is the website to check more details and to find these near you


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Allergies in Beer and Wine

click on the link to read more on this article from Living Without

hidden additives

Colbys Kettle Corn Giveaway

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Saturday, December 8, 2012