Monday, November 4, 2013

47 Gluten Free Baking Classics Book Review

I recently reviewed this great book

47 Gluten Free Baking Classics Cakes, Cookies, Breads, Pizzas, and More

This book is great for the upcoming holiday season.    It is filled with gluten free recipes.

 This book starts out explaining the different types of gluten free flours to use and the reasons for each use.  I find this very handy when baking and cooking. 

It is filled with many great detailed recipes including sugar cookies, dessert bars, banana bread,  pumpkin muffins, cakes, pizzas, and delicious breads.  The recipes are very easy to follow and detailed.

A great reference and recipe book to use over and over.

Don't miss out on this, you can get today for free on your kindle!  What a deal