Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Healthy Pantry White Bean Chili by Cook Simple

I recently received from samples from this company, and the White Bean Chili with chia seeds and bell peppers was my first choice.

It was fairly simple to make, just had to add water and ground turkey or chicken.  This is gluten free and all natural.  I also added in corn and some veggie cheese.  Cooked it in under 20 minutes. It was good and had a nice spice to it, very filling with the beans and ground turkey.

Here is a bit about the company taken from their website.
Not really the “cook out of a box” type? Neither are we…usually!
Sure, cooksimple™ meal kits are pre-packaged to make your life easier, but they’re also chock-full of healthy high-quality ingredients – delicious, nutritious, and all-natural. 
Nothing preserved, nothing artificial – basically what you’d never expect to find in a box.
From tried-and-true family favorites, to authentic, globally-inspired dishes sure to spice up your dinner routine, cooksimple™ offers a tasty and healthful option for easy, home-cooked meals.
Our products have recently been recognized with national awards, including:

You can find this product at Whole Foods, great for easy , fast nutritious meals the whole family can enjoy

Here is their website for more information, they make a variety of meals