Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rudi's Multigrain Bread

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Rudi's gluten free breads. Since my local grocer does not carry the gluten free varieties they were nice enough to send me a few samples.  Multigrain and Cinnamon Raisin.  Tried Multigrain for lunch today.  I was a bit skeptical, as I am not a huge Multigrain Bread fan, and being gluten free, I wasnt't sure what to expect.

Honestly I was very happy with it, I made myself an egg sandwich, and the texture and taste was wonderful, I really enjoyed it, it didn't taste 'grainy' like some breads can.  This one is definetely a keeper.  For more information on Rudi's breads go to

 Rudi's Story

Over 30 years ago, the founders of Rudi’s Organic couldn’t find a bread that was good enough to make their families happy. They had a healthy, holistic & optimistic approach to life and believed that eating healthy went along with being happy. They wanted food, and specifically bread, that fit this belief.
In 1976, Rudi’s Organic Bakery was founded. We wanted a bread with heart & purpose behind it, not a corporation. We knew there had to be a way to make bread nutritious and delicious – it just hadn’t been discovered yet. Our breads needed to have a list of ingredients you could pronounce with ingredients you recognized. It was to be the perfect blend of whole ingredients blended with a dash of sunshine, baked with love and delivered with a smile… and maybe some fresh butter.
It wasn’t long after our humble beginnings in Boulder, Colorado before Rudi’s fresh, organic breads quickly stood out in the sea of sameness that was the bread aisle. Our delicious breads were being gobbled up by the community not just for their wholesomeness and taste, but also for the local flavor that was baked into every batch. It was the biggest innovation in bread, since…well, sliced bread. Our passion for baking better breads, the right way, is alive and well today.

Namaste Spice Cake Review

I needed another cake for a birthday, and decided to try the Namaste Spice Cake. I chose to put Cream Cheese Frosting on it from Betty Crocker which is Gluten Free on the label.

This turned out very moist and was so easy to make, I love the spice flavoring which is the cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.  For variety add shredded carrots.  This makes two small round cakes or one 9 by 13, so it is large.

My local grocery stores do carry this item, or go to for more information, and product location.

The Grainless Banker Hoagie Bread

I was very excited to be able to eat some type of sub sandwhich, it had been a long time.

I took the Hoagie from The Grainless Baker and had it sit out for an hour or so, then put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, and I was able to again eat a sub sandwich with my family.  I wasnt sure what to expect after being frozen.  I was happily suprised, this was VERY good bread, tasted the sub sandwiches I remember. It crumbles a bit, but for the most part stays together and is the perfect consistency.

If you are craving a sub sandwich I highly recommend these.

Hoagie Buns     The Grainless Baker Gluten-Free Hoagie/Submarine Buns

These are 4.32 for a 4 pack.

Go to for more information and product location.