Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Aldi's has a gluten free line now

Make sure to check it out before it goes away.  Not sure if it is staying or not.  I purchased gluten free pasta for only 1.98!  What a deal, they also have cookies, cake mixes, wraps(which I tried today, very soft and edible)  They also carry glutino pretzels for 3.99 and some items in the freezer case like small pizzas.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Target has Udi's...and more

I was excited to see Target now carries Udi's, they had bread and bagels.  After some searching in the store I also found gluten free noodles by Bi-Aglut, chicken tenders by Tyson, Amy's gluten free burritos, and also Canyon Bakehouse gluten free bread.  Jackpot!

Make sure to check out your local Target to see if they carry some of these items too.  I didn't have the chance to go down every aisle, so they may even have more.