Wednesday, October 16, 2013

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen has brought back the gluten free pizza again, this time with stricter standards.  I opted to try the mushroom and pepperoni with sausage, although the pepperoni was missing, it was very good.  I also did not get cheese, the sauce was a little light, but the pizza was very good and as big as my husband's pizza which was great.  I actually got to take some home this time, and had no ill after effects.  It is around 2 dollars more than a regular pizza, so around 14 dollars I believe.

Here is some more information on precautions and such

Going Gluten Free: Complete Reference and Recipe Guide Review

This Guide is Written by Shirley Baker and is a complete gluten free diet guide to get you started.

It includes great information, especially for those just starting out.  This book goes over how to go about testing, and all the different foods and ingredients you need to avoid, tips on eating out, and more.  Then it goes through all the different flours you can eat ( I didn't realize there were so many!) and it has some great recipes which include great recipes for the picky eaters like children and even some delicious smoothies, cant wait to try some. They are easy to follow and there are some great photos.  Vegan and Vegetarian recipes are also included.

A great source when you have been diagnosed and not sure what to do first, or even if you think you may have Celiac or an intolerance.  Then a great reference to follow afterwards.  You won't be disappointed in this book.

It is available for purchase on Amazon  Going Gluten Free   on the kindle for 4.99 or paperback for 12.32.