Friday, February 4, 2011

Great Review for Uno's Chicago Grill

I recently ventured to Uno's Chicago Grill in Menomonee Falls, after hearing of their gluten free menu.  I was so excited to go and get pizza with my family.  Here is a link to the menu, which has many items, including an Herb Grilled Salmon!

As soon as I arrived I asked for a gluten free menu, and it was available right away.  It had everything on it from appetizers, salads, meals and desserts you can have.

It took a bit longer for the pizza to be made, but that was fine with me.  I was pleasantly surprised that it was about the size of a Tombstone pizza, although it was around 10 dollars.  This was a great size, I ordered the Cheese and Tomato.  It was very tasty, but as gluten free pizzas can be, it was also a bit crumbly, so I just ate most of it with a fork.  It was hard not to eat up the whole thing, but I made sure I save a few pieces for lunch the next day.

Enjoy your pizza!! Make sure you sign up online for coupons also.

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