Wednesday, March 23, 2011

mrs Crimbles gluten free bites and ricecakes

Mrs Crimbles makes a variety of crackers, cookies, and cheese bites.  I had the opportunity to try the rice cakes and the tomato, olive, and oregano cheese bites.

 Mrs Crimbles Story
Mrs Crimble's is an award-winning bakery business dedicated to making life's little treats as yummy as possible. Our traditional cakes, macaroons, savoury snacks and all sorts of other goodies all happen to be made with wheat free recipes (and virtually all of them are gluten free, too). So everybody can enjoy all the taste, quality and love we manage to squeeze into them.
We are constantly expanding our range of products, so please keep checking back, or become a friend of Mrs Crimble's and we'll keep you informed of new products here at Mrs Crimble's. Also come and say hello at one of the numerous shows and events we're attending - we'd love to see you.
We have an exciting new website on the way and if you join as a friend of Mrs Crimble's you'll be the first to hear about it.
Jeremy Woods, Managing Director

The company seems to be based in the UK, but they have a US Importer also in RI.

I really enjoyed the Apple flavored rice cakes, they have the perfect crunch, and a slight apple flavoring.  I put peanut butter on top and had a great snack.

Next I tried the Cheddar Bites, they are airy inside and have a great taste.  They kind of reminded me of a slight pizza flavoring.  My toddler enjoyed them also, and shared the bag with me.  I wish they would make them in a bigger bag as these would be good to crumble in soup or salads also.

These products you can find at or check out their website for more information

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