Friday, May 20, 2011

gopicnic ready-to-eat meals Three Beans with Sweet Corn Review

These are neat ready to go meals that come in a small container, you can eat this one cold, or warm it up in the microwave in a seperate container.  It comes with a little fork, and some pineapple sauce.  Gluten Free and Ideal for Vegetarians.  This is perfect for your at work lunches, or a quick meal when you are in a hurry.

I chose to warm it up a bit in the microwave, I have to say I was really happy with this meal.  It was very tasty, and the orange sauce was a nice bonus.  They have other ideas to add to it, such as ketchup or salsa, tuna, or even cheese.  I think this would be good served over rice also.  Even a good snack.

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This specific meal goes for 3.89

If you sign up for their newsletter on site you get a ten percent discount, yeah!


Every GoPicnic meal line features several delicious ready-to-eat meal options for adults and kids that also happen to be gluten-free! In GoPicnic's gluten-free meals, each individual food item is labeled with its ingredients, allowing customers with very specific dietary requirements to tailor their meal accordingly. While the items in our gluten-free meals do not contain ingredients with gluten, some of them are manufactured in facilities which also process products that contain gluten ingredients and are labeled accordingly both on and on each individual product label.

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