Saturday, July 23, 2011

California Pizza Kitchen Gluten Free Pizza

I finally got to try this tonight, thanks to them recently adding gluten free pizza's to the menu!  I decided to get the White Cheese Pizza with tomatoes, there was so many to choose from.  There are a few they cannot do gluten free like the Thai Chicken.  I was not charged extra for the gluten free crust, excellent bonus!

It was very tasty, I almost ate the whole thing, loved the four white cheeses, and the whole tomatoe slices.  The crust was done just the way I like it, a bit crispy on the edges, but that is what I like, it has been a while since I had a pizza with crispy crust instead of soggy and falling apart, cant wait to go back some day to try another kind.

Go to this link for one near you and to sign up for coupons, I had a 5 off a 15 dollar offer, great deal!

(sorry about the bite out of the pizza, i almost forgot to take a photo, and couldnt help myself,lol)

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