Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sofella Foods Gluten Free Brownies/Cake Review

Thanks to Sofella Foods I was sent a few samples to try.  I decided to make chocolate chip brownies with their cake mix.  They sent me a few sample recipes, so it was easy to follow.  I took the suggestion of greasing the pan and using parchment paper, these turned out so good!  They were like cake brownies.  The sides were not hard or cripsy at all which usually happens to me when making brownies.  Now to restrain myself from eating the whole thing, lol.

Here is a link to their site, they have a variety of things, and you can do a search online to find a place near you that sells them.  I noticed they had Big Lots and World Market as places they sell their items if you have one near you you wont be dissapointed.