Monday, January 23, 2012

Edward And Sons Gluten Free Review

Edward and Sons was kind enough to send me a variety of samples to review.  They make a large variety of products including

Brown Rice Snaps
Exotic Rice Toast
Rice Snax
Chocolate Sprinkles and Ice Cream Cones
Lets Do Organic Gummi Bears
Native Forest Milk and more
Organic Coconut Water
Bouillion cubes
Roads End Organics Mac and Chreese

And so much more!

I have tried many of the products so far, and have really enjoyed them.

I tried the vegetable rice snaps.  These were very tasty, my toddler son even licked off the spices, very good.  Also great for dipping or eating with cheese.  These are a nice rice cracker, so much better than chips!

I also tried the organic homestyle mashed potatoes.  These are great too, I love that they are organic and you can make them in a hurry.  You can also make these with almond or rice milk. I found a six pack on amazon for a good price. Each box makes 4 servings. 

I have also tried the Cheddar Penne Mac and Chreese  .  This is great because it is dairy and gluten free.  I like to add tuna or salmon to it and some broccoli, yummy meal. Sells for just over 3 dollars a box. I have seen these in a local grocer of mine

Organic GF/CF Cheddar Penne & ChreeseDelicious meal solution of organic brown rice pasta tubes with our special gluten-free cheddar Chreese nondairy sauce mix.

Here is a link to find a store near you that carries these products, and to check out all their information.


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