Friday, February 10, 2012

ChocAlive Truffles Review yum! Dairy and Gluten Free

I was so excited to try these when receiving them.  I received the Coconut and the Dark Chocolate Crunch.  They are truly delicious, thank goodness there is only two in the package I got, or I could have easily eaten a whole box of these.  They are so moist, and my favorite is the Coconut.

ChocAlive! Coconut Gluten-Free Truffles

You can find these at the Gluten Free Mall, or check the website for a location nearest you. 

What Makes ChocAlive! So Distinctively Delicious?

Our ever-expanding line of ChocAlive! products taste so decadently good because they are made with the highest quality, most delectable ingredients Nature has to offer! Here is a sampling of some of the luscious, live ingredients that makes ChocAlive! so incomparable:
  • Raw Organic Ecuadorian Cacao (fair trade) - our cacao beans have a deep and intense chocolate flavor sure to please any and all chocolate lovers!
  • Raw Organic Coconut Butter - a melt in your mouth satisfying whole food consisting of coconut oil and coconut meat and brimming with dietary fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Raw Organic Agave Nectar - coming straight from the Mexican agave plant, this beautiful rich golden nectar adds a decadent sweetness with a low glycemic index!
  • Raw Organic Dates - these luscious, sun-dried gems add fiber, sweetness, nutrients and texture "naturally!"

These are Dairy Free. Raw, Gluten Free and Vegan

Decadent pure chocolate alive with the finest indredients nature has to offer. At last, an exquisitely delicious truffle that is as gratifying to your taste buds as it is satisfying to your body. Unlike traditional, processed chocolates, ChocAlive! Truffles contain only the highest quality straight-from-nature ingredients including plant-based sweeteners. Created with loving care at low temperatures to maintain live enzymes, minerals and other vital nutrients, these truffles are a one-of-a-kind vibrant and decadent food.

Shelf life: approx 8 months.

Ingredients: Raw organic agave nectar, raw organic cacao butter, raw organic dates, raw organic cacao powder, raw organic coconut butter, sea salt.
coating: raw organic shredded coconut.

Comes in 
Pistachio • Dark Chocolate • Dark Chocolate Crunch • Chocolate Chip Mint • Coconut • Almond

Truffles Dark Chocolate Crunch 6 Count

These would make a great Valentines Treat for your loved one, or even yourself.

Try some today!

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