Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dakota Free Moisturizer and Soap

I received this wonderful sample and really like how soft it is.  It is gluten and fragrance free, and you can also use it to tame frizzy hair, or as a conditioner also.  A little goes a long way.  Great to use after the shower.

Fragrance-Free Moisturizer 8 oz

Attribute & Allergen Checklist:
Fragrance-free: Yes
Gluten-free: Yes
Latex-free: Yes
Casein-free: yes
Vegan: Yes
Vegetarian: Yes
Made in the USA: Yes
Animal testing used: No
Organic Ingredients: Yes
Feingold Program Standards: Yes
Pure Essential Oils: No
All Natural: 99.9% natural
Paraben Free: Yes
Alcohol Free: Yes
Dye Free: Yes
Tree Nut Free: Yes
Peanut Free: Yes
Corn Free: No
Soy Free: Yes
Shellfish & fish derivative Free: Yes

Nontoxic, allergen specific skincare for all ages.

I also tried a bar of their premium soap.  I love this soap, it is very gentle and you can also use it to wash your hair.  It doesn't get slimy like some soaps can, and again a little goes a long way.

Chemical Free bath & skincare Product for a Healthier Life. This unscented product is ideal for anyone who wishes to avoid synthetic chemicals, including those with environmental illness, chemical sensitivities or TILT (Toxicant-induced Loss of Tolerance).

Check out for all of their skin care products that are gluten free.

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