Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gluten Free Honey Lipz Lip Balm

I received a sample of this this past week, and I really like it.  Great for those chapped winter lips, goes on smooth, and no need to worry about the ingredients. Fragrance Free!

Check out the site for more gluten free products.

Chemical-Free and Gluten-Free for a healthier life!

Dakota Free Honey Lipz goes on smooth and silky. All natural ingredients like Vitamin E, Safflower Oil, and Jojoba Oil work together to moisturize and protect your lips for an extended period of time.

Put Dakota Free on your lips and you will never want to be without again.

Directions for use:
Apply as often as desired.
Use as a lip gloss alone or over lipstick.

Attribute & Allergen Checklist:
Fragrance-free: Yes
Gluten-free: Yes
Latex-free: Yes
Casein-free: Yes
Vegan: No (contains beeswax)
Vegetarian: Yes
Paraben-Free: Yes
Made in the USA: Yes
Animal testing used: No
Organic Ingredients: Yes
Feingold Program Standards: Yes
Contains Essential Oils: No
All Natural: Yes
Paraben Free: Yes
Alcohol Free: Yes
Dye Free: Yes
Tree Nut Free: Yes
Peanut Free: Yes
Citrus Free: No
Corn Free: Yes
Soy Free: No
Shellfish & fish derivative Free: Yes

Chemical-Free Lip Care Product. This unscented lip balm is ideal for anyone who wishes to avoid synthetic chemicals, including those with environmental illness, chemical sensitivities or TILT (Toxicant-induced Loss of Tolerance).

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